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Penny’s Anger

I am Penny, Waiting for my man. Twenty years of waiting, Old Argos has grown weary of waiting. He won’t last long now. We are weary of living. He is lying on my feet and gazing out the window, Down … Continue reading

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Traveling in Circles (for Glow on this day)

Like the bottom of a choir robe, round and round I swing and sway in circles, always aiming for perfect rhythm and pitch. These circles, like the arches over the bridge that carried us there each Morning and home each … Continue reading

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Ghost Stories

Gaze ever into cloud dotted blue skies From the comfort of this four posted bed. Is there anyone for him to talk to, An opthamologist of blue skies Who can diagnose those faraway eyes, Examine the visionary’s vision, Then prescribe … Continue reading

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Through the night comes the Coywolf cry. Those white eyes, those white eyes shine through the night. Mama raccoon strains Kit to her bosom with a convulsive grasp. She lay on the September straw. The strokes of the teeth impale … Continue reading

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Willow Weeping

Sun has abandoned our forlorn hemisphere, Willow sways at the water’s edge Her wisps dangle, dancing alone. Missing the shimmy of leaves Long since gone, Their brilliant colors Browned and forgotten, Her yellows and greens Spread grey to match Sky … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Hope Tree

Corroborating the Self destructive Drive of our world: Hope deferred Dream deferred Tree of knowledge Crucifixion Hesitating Cliche making Waiting Proverbs 13:112 says: ‘Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.’

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Silenced and Waiting

The fire started in her belly: She could see the beautiful flame and it made her Hungry for knowledge. Starving her The hunger and the flame just danced and danced, and yet the rulers snapped on every perception, and Whacked … Continue reading

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Time Diminished? Increase your Awe

Tick tock Speeds up Temporal illusions are Mere brain constructions. Each year A southern Layer cake grows One, three, seven, nine, Layer caramel cake Grows to fifteen layers. Subjective are the perspectives Of the passing of time. Speeding are seconds … Continue reading

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Not Waiting

Barely reaching woman time, I had to wait. Escape, escape, escape, but no route was safe. Unaware of one reasonable thing to do Waiting was my only, and so waiting Silently at the edge of the bed, Gazing at the … Continue reading

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Peachie’s Beauty Shop

Southern Dame so Divine gently Peachie’s Beauty Shop We all want style. Peachie knows all about style. Peachie can style you, blow dry your weeping eyes loosen or tighten your dampened locks. All the while, in the chair, you see … Continue reading

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