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Better With Age

Does Anything get better with Age? In this, another age of losing, Does the sense of life improve? It is harder to remember the day she died. Is there something you would like to see again? I do wear my … Continue reading

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wake up

There is nothing you can grip hold of in the morning sky The red-eye flights headed east bring our west coast friends in on a plane listen as the garbage truck beeps in its backing the sky fills in turn … Continue reading

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A Song of Lost Love

What do I have to say to you Will we meet? I lie here thinking of you. Love Is upon you. Reminding you of spring flowers, It tastes like rare herbs. Instinctively we feel that something is askew Heavily it … Continue reading

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Life is Fine, tribute to Langston Hughes

Life is Fine, tribute to Langston Hughes Down at the river, it is cold So I walk fast down the bank. I try to think but I can’t, So I jump in and sink. I came up once and hollered! … Continue reading

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Forgiveness lights in my heart like a bluebird on the bush in the window. I could not force myself there but Several things I had to do. First I had to install a window above the kitchen sink. Then I … Continue reading

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New York Flicker

The New York Flicker is a large, brown woodpecker with a gentle expression and handsome black-scalloped plumage. you  Could scare one up from the ground. It’s not where you’d expect to find a woodpecker, but flickers eat mainly ants and … Continue reading

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Remember that these attitudes will haunt you For judging and not listening Thinking others are Stupid and always wrong Be forgiving like MLK and Ghandi encouraged us Be slow and restful Be soft like lambs wool Be thin and gentle … Continue reading

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looking for it

Sometimes I can’t find it, even for years, and then there it is. A great and happy surprise which gives justification for my constant searching. I stumble around in the darkness searching for the next thing. But I am not … Continue reading

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Compartmentalizing Atoms

Splitting atoms is the colossal cracking version of Splitting hairs, or preferably nanowhiskers, I imagine a useful Blend, nanowhisker, latex, nanowhisker, latex Improving surgical gloves. Different elements with different masses Require a different layer of protection. Thicker layers of protection … Continue reading

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Ghost Stories

Gaze ever into cloud dotted blue skies From the comfort of this four posted bed. Is there anyone for him to talk to, An opthamologist of blue skies Who can diagnose those faraway eyes, Examine the visionary’s vision, Then prescribe … Continue reading

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