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Better With Age

Does Anything get better with Age? In this, another age of losing, Does the sense of life improve? It is harder to remember the day she died. Is there something you would like to see again? I do wear my … Continue reading

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Forgiveness lights in my heart like a bluebird on the bush in the window. I could not force myself there but Several things I had to do. First I had to install a window above the kitchen sink. Then I … Continue reading

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Remember that these attitudes will haunt you For judging and not listening Thinking others are Stupid and always wrong Be forgiving like MLK and Ghandi encouraged us Be slow and restful Be soft like lambs wool Be thin and gentle … Continue reading

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this is the year of winners I will, win in my battle against my brain cancer I eagerly await the return of my memory I work on it every day. Since I have no job, healing is my responsibility. I … Continue reading

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Being a Loser

I. Losers must be courageous These are the days of losing: So let us go then You and I into the Fields of Wonder. First my mind wandered off, Being that it was my most cherished asset I was devastated … Continue reading

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Sing with Me

Softly, sing with me, help me to trust sleep. The night is long, turn and the day is gone. Pull me to your beating heart, with arms strong Squeeze me tight so I can know I’m not alone. How old … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Hope Tree

Corroborating the Self destructive Drive of our world: Hope deferred Dream deferred Tree of knowledge Crucifixion Hesitating Cliche making Waiting Proverbs 13:112 says: ‘Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.’

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