homeless child in subway

The Savage of the Subway

In the labyrinthian subway,

The lonely city streets o’er head,

I heard within the sound all said

A moan. It seemed my heart to flay.

The people near were flowing past

Under the bright lights shadows cast

Down onto the tracks like ship masts,

While paralyzed I stayed!

O, the labyrinthian subway,

Loneliness in the crowded throng

Amid the outcasts for so long

A child. It seemed my heart did sway.

I thought I was the only one

To the wish the world would soon be done.

Upon her face I saw the shadows play.

Her hair was one big matted dread.

Her clothes ragged, ripped, and stained.

Her face of flush completely drained.

What did this child do for bread?

She stared back at me with eyes wide.

There was no way she could confide.

Long it had been that trust had died.

What could I possibly have said?

Her family was all gone or dead.

The wild child, hunger weakened, there she lay.

The mournful moaning echoed on.

Eternally, in my heart it sings.

Each moment in my ear it rings

Through twilight, dusk, through night and morn

Forever haunted by the groan

Of that feral child all alone.

For this sin we all must atone,

Walking round like automatons

As if our very souls were gone.

O, the labyrinthian subway

With zombies marching night and day.

City money struts its fashion.

Lovers gaze into starry smiles.

One woman carries groceries while

One child in abject neglect dies alone.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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2 Responses to homeless child in subway

  1. amabear says:

    i think the word is “labryinthine” i could be wrong
    like this one. beautiful theme well realized.


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