atomic bomb

Einstein and Oppenheimer

blowing it up

to solve the problem with

the Japanese Just awful, but it ended the war.

Our rage pours from our nose

like wind blowing from Equus

till the horses are all blind or dead.

And now we try to make everyone

promise not to drop another nuclear bomb.

Promise there will be no more cold war.

But how will we stop them he asks?

They just want to keep killing us.

They are so eager to destroy those

who don’t believe as they do.

How do we create a world of gentle

acceptors, who will be able to share the

earth? What is the point of war anymore?


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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One Response to atomic bomb

  1. says:

    The Japanese actually gave up hours before the bomb was dropped:

    Proud member of the hive event collective. Caring for our clients, our community and each other.


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