Self Confidence

We will not degrade the beautiful minds
but cherish the Love that remains.
We will rejoice in the one and the self.
Blowing like willows, to bend but not fall.
Flexibly receiving the storms
Looking on tempests never broken;
for to diminish our cherished mind,
Whose worth’s unknown, would be a crime on self.
Thought is not Our fool, to be doddered with
Within his bending limb; flex to the known.
Here we remain through our hours and weeks,
Still attempting Life’s arduous task.
If We are wrong and it can be proven,
Then We never had a mind to begin.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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3 Responses to Self Confidence

  1. Self-confidence is the key.

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  2. munickat says:

    I cannot find a comment link, so I am replying to a comment so that I may make one: the conclusion or shift is that you DO HAVE A MIND AND ARE THEREFORE RIGHT.
    Caps NOT mine. Go figure.

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