River Smoke

cold and foggy, the night morning came shrouded

under a whitish veil, water light enough to remain

suspended in air above the river we walked on

beside in the river smoke.

saturated vapor liquid water droplets condensing the thoughts in our minds.

air becoming saturated to its temperature or

river evaporating moisture into the air and increasing air’s water vapor content.

long nights, colder months

clear skies and light winds

moist air, mist rising

a low-level temperature inversion and the

sufficient supply of condensation nuclei.

cooling by radiation, when

the ground surface radiates heat and cools

the layer of air next to the surface is cooled by contact with the surface.

As fog forms it radiates heat (condensation heat) and thus becomes cooler.

Gentle movement of air increases mixing and the fog gradually becomes thicker reducing visibilities to zero. We walk on., blindly. Grabbing damp hands, holding on.

Fog usually clears soon after dawn as the sun heats up the air again, allowing air to hold more moisture. The fog is gradually “burned off.”

mountain valleys and cold pools hold tight to valley fog.

after a rainy night, precipitation fog rises from valley woods.

Radiation fog might also form as

sea fog, when warm air flows over relatively cold water surface,

but is just as common over land.

Frontal fog the passage of cold and warm fronts

Sea smoke or river smoke. Mainly caused by evaporation.

Shallow fog lies low.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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