Happy birthday Flannery ! “O’conner’s Peacocks” is a poem I wrote to respect the way you flair your feathers.

The best English teacher I ever had was
Karen Bladyes. She took me to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit
to meet Flannery O’Connor’s Peacocks.
I did not know at sixteen how significant that private field trip would become
Ms. Blaydes encouraged me, pushed me, to read more, write more, think deeply.
She even let me stay in her home for a week when I had no where to go.
That is some kind of English teacher.
I wish that I could tell her thank you in person, but I can’t find her
and so I thank her here on my blog. Thank you for teaching me to write as
though I am spreading my blue, green, red and orange tale feathers for the pleasure of monastery monks and nuns. Thank you for teaching me to attract peahens, and to make shrieking sounds to alert others of danger, so quick am I to notice snakes and tigers.
I may have dropped my beautiful plumage this fall, but I will regain it this spring.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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