I Remember Loving You

on the long walk under the rainbow
when You convinced me to be against
suicide. and so now I am a True Believer
in being against it. and Now More than Ever
since I almost died, I believe in living and
can hardly remember wanting to die
except in the worst of moments,
shame filled moments of alienation and
loneliness, alcohol induced,
falling down, blacking out, leaving present moments
like little suicides…leaving my body for a few hours
awaking the next day bruised and disfigured
You always remind me that I want to live,
live on, principally to love your beautiful message.
principally to love all of You beautiful living angels.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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4 Responses to I Remember Loving You

  1. m.a. wood says:

    thanks Dawn for your gentle loving feedback.


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