the point?

what would be the point of a poem?
and she looked out the window.
I slid my pen between my ear and skull and leaned back.
why should I even talk to you? you only piss me off.
“Ha, I piss you off? Really now?”
And this is how we circle round in nothing.
So what then is the point of an equation?
What kind of equation linear, quadratic, chemical, differential?
ok, what kind of poem catalogue, sonnet, haiku, lyric, ballad, limerick?
Why are you having argumentative discussions with me when I
am not even here to express myself, for myself?
because I miss you and can’t believe you are not here.
You are ridiculous.
I can’t believe you left me. I miss you.
I won’t be back.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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5 Responses to the point?

  1. kirizar says:

    Fun…but a bit hard to fit onto a Valentine’s Day card.


  2. m.a. wood says:

    Kirizar you are an acute reader. Your comment dives into the essential conflict of the relationship. It was a “bit hard to fit it onto a standard sized greeting card.”

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  3. amabear says:

    i like “what then is the point of an equation.” good line.

    Liked by 1 person

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