50 Shades of Good For You!


This topic is already over played and and in my opinion, done exactly what it should do; build hype and cause a little controversy. I haven’t read a word from any of the books, and I’ve only seen the advertisement for the film on television. My little overused joke was “I liked it better when it starred Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger”. Ha ha, dumb. I know, but it does bring to mind all the controversies from the 80’s back to light. I remember sitting up on Sunday nights, watching some religious figure who had my best interests at heart, tell me all about these evil record albums that were subliminally giving me directions to eternal damnation. It kinda backfired because any album he used as an example was in my collection by the time my paper route customers paid up. It was like a QVC network for satanic messages…

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