rigor mortis


How fast you pale,

Merely fortyeight hours and

Teeny tiny microorganisms devour your intestinal wall

Juices leaking into what (nolongerhuman)  is now called a cavity,

Digestive hoodlums running wild through your body causing

Cells to rupture, especially booming are cells rich in

Enzymes like the liver, or high in water content, like the brain.



Manage to explode from the inside out.

Rigor mortis seizes your muscles and joints.

Moving you will be difficult,

With the pools of settled blood,

Heavy and intense red cells

Weighted down by gravity.

The upper body pale, ghostlike from its loss

while the lower darkens, swollen with blood.

Interior musculature dissolves separating you from your

Skin, now just a loose fitting seran wrap.

Ammonia blows you up like a balloon.

Viscous putrid excretions echo in the chamber, On the

Final gurney ride to the crematorium

You won’t see the ceiling or the sky.

You won’t feel the fire.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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