Decree of Rejection

by Gigi Fris

Gazing out through stained gold glass
Heart resonating nostalgically for seasons past
Filled with jollity: cinnamon, clove scented
Christmas cookies; lilting, venerable carols
Purple goblets of sweet tongued wassail
Tastes and comforts now forever lamented
For this world’s narrow minded
Splinter, like the
Dark notes of a feudal horn
Dooming all male and female companions to
Calculating winter
Rejecting the rare, second self possibility
Condemning platonic love as a liability
Our warm humorous glances and quiet
Quaker exchanges are
Now to be categorically
Annihilated, left to the ravages of
Jealous Eros whose trickster red
Disguises lips and averts heads
Our entertaining, devious usurper
Cherubic smile repudiating his maleficence whose
Arrow’s sole aim is a genitalia merger
Rescinding those Utopian, interlocking minds
Banished to the suffocating border of martyrdom
Where desperate doves entertain from gilded cages
And clipped human spirits possess no freedom


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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2 Responses to Decree of Rejection

  1. kirizar says:

    This was particularly interesting. I had to make the leap from Christmas (which is how I interpret wassail) to Valentine’s in the imagery, but the words alone were particularly catching. I especially liked the line where “Condemning platonic love as a liability” leads to Cupid shooting, “Arrow’s sole aim is a genitalia merger.” Nicely done, although, as always I am doubtful that I ‘got’ it all. The ending was an excellent line that could have stood all on its own:
    “Where desperate doves entertain from gilded cages
    And clipped human spirits possess no freedom”


    • kirizar says:

      You might want to set up the option to share things to Facebook and other media. I wanted to post this to Facebook and you don’t have that link on your page. Just a suggestion.


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