Sing with Me

Softly, sing with me, help me to trust sleep.
The night is long, turn and the day is gone.
Pull me to your beating heart, with arms strong
Squeeze me tight so I can know I’m not alone.

How old I have grown for soft lullabies,
But death has fallen on these old brown eyes.
Silly to be frightened by deaths dark door,
Leaves are not frightened lying on wet floors.

Promise me the colors of spring will come,
Bring to me chocolate candies spiked with rum.
Sing with me the sound of my swimming stride,
While love glows the clear brown skin of your face.

Laughing and asking will be enough cheer,
The sun will rise again through morning mists.
Endless circles of breath, rising, falling,
Breathing it in. Breathing it out again.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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5 Responses to Sing with Me

  1. amabear says:

    nice one. gives me a good feeling.


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