Compartmentalizing Atoms

Splitting atoms is the colossal cracking version of
Splitting hairs, or preferably nanowhiskers,
I imagine a useful
Blend, nanowhisker, latex, nanowhisker, latex
Improving surgical gloves.
Different elements with different masses
Require a different layer of protection.
Thicker layers of protection are needed for the modern surgical mask,
As I am a scrutinizing, probing, mouthy, don’t say it…
Desperately yearning to modulate my amplitude, but
Atomic theory is some heavy material.
The particle beams bent off of gold are far more radical than Rutherford dreamed,
Gold is some tricky business and the beam of particles was and remains intensely bent.
Personally, I was most surprised by Thomson’s model, not surprised that they
Discovered the electrons first, because it seems the negative particles usually get
Noticed first, but rather that he surmised that hidden inside, within the vast
Nothingness of the atom would be a positive charge, and that the
Positive protons would reside at the
Heart of the matter.
Negative electrons move in orbits around the nucleus,
Like birds flying in clouds,
Wolves around the lamb.
The pros in the center of the nucleus have the
Power to deflect the rays more radically.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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One Response to Compartmentalizing Atoms

  1. amabear says:

    more cool metaphors from the other side of the arts & sciences table. a more perfect union.


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