Silenced and Waiting

The fire started in her belly:
She could see the beautiful flame and it made her
Hungry for knowledge. Starving her
The hunger and the flame just danced and danced,
and yet the rulers snapped on every perception, and

Whacked and gagged the flowing mouth,
Regardless of the burning facts, ignorant denial of imminent danger,
And any other asunder concerns, she was shunned.

Chased with whips, out into the brush,
For questions, thoughts, and open debate,
She waited.

The truth would not leave her alone,
Endless inquiry haunted her as she
Stumbled through the thicket.
In her flurry she tripped upturning a rock,
Sharp slice as it tore her tumbling leg.

She could hear the song of the
Blood flowing.
The wind blew her song
Into the village where
Old men in doorways
Smelled her in the draft.

The wind whipped round the corners,
Swirling winds gathered in alleys,
Congregating at the steeple they tolled the church bell.
Swelling and speeding they dashed to the
Docks where the harbor bells tolled and the
Boat buoys rocked out a harmony,
Dinner bells, farm bells, garden bells and
Chimes all began the call.

In the woods she lay, a pool of red viscous life
Flowing over rock, at last silenced,
The fire in her belly slowly warming earth’s core.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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One Response to Silenced and Waiting

  1. amabear says:

    very cool. shamsi likey.


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