Not Waiting

Barely reaching woman time,
I had to wait.
Escape, escape, escape, but no route was safe.

Unaware of one reasonable thing to do
Waiting was my only, and so waiting
Silently at the edge of the bed,
Gazing at the window pane,
Contemplating the great table and the
Perpetuity of text,
Longing to run, but afraid of the streets,
Planning appeared a necessity until
Suddenly, my rattling, spitting, jiggle top
Flew off. I decided I could never wait again and
Dove bold into the river,

Just jumped ship.

Never wait again,
Not for the call, the ship, train, bus, plane, or
Shower with no towel.
Stand in the line with a

Waiting plan: read, write, think, repeat,
Analyze characters, hear the sounds,
Watch the wind whipped leaves,
Feel the passing breeze,
Welcome the glowing sun,
Gaze at the moon
Reflected in the River,
Or just run, run.


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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