Peachie’s Beauty Shop

Southern Dame so Divine gently Peachie’s Beauty Shop

We all want style.
Peachie knows all about style.
Peachie can style you,
blow dry your weeping eyes
loosen or tighten your dampened locks.
All the while, in the chair, you see yourself
mirrored there, with that caring ear, her soft
hands in your hair.

Peachie can color your world.
She can tint or streak and tip
the view of you.
She can curl your straits
or straighten your curls.

Her baskets overflowing with fresh white towels that
swell her washer and dryer through the midnight hours.
She cuts your split ends and can thin things out.
Sometimes, just a little trim above the ears is all you need.
Other years and days something permanent is called for
and Peachie becomes the consummate chemist,
concocting the perfect remedy.

Willingly we place the weight of our world
on her bunions. In the room of shampoo and perfume
we shed our woes. Ever compassionate, Peachie knows.

It's All Tied Up


About m.a. wood

writer, thinker, musician, teacher
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One Response to Peachie’s Beauty Shop

  1. I love this poem it is so cute it reminds me of my past


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